Personal Strategy Consulting

Albert Einstein defined Insanity as “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  Is your career insane?  Applied for several positions but can’t figure out why you are “stuck” and continue to get passed over for promotions?  Contact me for a 15 minute complimentary Climbing Out of Quick Sand conversation that will leave you motivated to conquer the world (or your next promotion!).


Have you found yourself at a crossroad in a new position at work or in your business and you don’t quite know how to put the action in your purpose? Contact me for a 15-minute complimentary Action Where It Counts conversation.

Budget Planning

The beginning of every new year your resolution is to save but you find yourself at the end of the year in the same financial situation?  Contact me for a  15 minute complimentary Cents Make Dollars conversation that will leave your savings account happy!