Fake It Til You Make It, Right?

By February 15, 2017Featured In

Being professionally groomed in Corporate America, possessing a “fake it til you make it” attitude is a part of the norm. Competition and winning are rewarded with a promotion or a fat bonus check while collaboration with others is virtually non-existent.

If we all are keeping it 100, most of our journeys to the C-suite have included moments of exaggerating expertise and selling developmental phase skill sets. We were forced to learn what to do as we did it. Basically, on the job training was all too real. As an entrepreneur, I’m not fully convinced that those old plays we learned and practiced will help us win a new game.

We are starting to witness Fortune 500 companies shift their cultures from a place of promoting competition to advocating for collaboration. Hence, the topic of what really works nowadays often comes up amongst my industry colleagues and fellow entrepreneurs.

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